Saturday, May 2, 2020

Microsoft Azure Compute Services

In this blog, we provide the quick overview of all the compute service of the Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Machine: Client have able to deploy any application to any server with virtually. Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine provides the flexible way to client for managing there hosting environment.

Virtual Machine Scale Sets: It is a compute resource provided by Azure that can be used to deploy and manage an identical “Virtual Machines” set. It’s support auto scale feature and hence are provide major benefit to client where computing requirements vary over time.

Azure Container Service: By using Azure Container Service, Client have able to make their application portable to make it run on any system, without caring about the target and or source system environments.

Azure Container Registry: It is used for keeping the container images very near the deployments for reducing costs as well as latency.

Batch: Azure provides auto scale features by providing various batch likes “tens”, “hundreds”, or “thousands” of Virtual Machines with staging data. Client has able to choose the operating system i.e. “Windows” or “Linux” depending on their requirement. The best advantage is, “Pay only for only consuming services”.

Function: Azure provide cloud computing development by using “Functions”. Developer can write code without taking care about the deployment server and infrastructure. We can say such type of architecture is “Server less” architecture. It is used for executing background task.

Service Fabric: It is either a stateless or state full compute service that manages the execution, lifetime, and complexity part and code components. We can design micro service based architecture by using Service Fabric.

Cloud Services: Client does not worry about hardware and networking, they just deploy their code and all are the set. Azure Cloud services support multiple programming languages like “.NET”, “C#”, “Java”, “Node.JS”, “Python”.

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